Thursday Tech Talk – Power of People

Thursday Tech Talk – here we go…

The power of people is so strong. Positive or negative. It really matters.

It’s always interesting to me when you can see and feel a theme from your day when reflecting just for a few moments.

Today I saw the power of people and fortunate for me, it was the power of positive people. I had several tech meetings in accordance with my commitment to Thursday technology focus. In three of these meetings, we were talking about tough issues that have no simple or direct path to resolution. And yet I came away feeling energized each time. When someone asked me how my day was and I said ‘terrific’ and then shared some of the conversations, the person was confused. It struck me that discussing tough issues with positive (and I will say capable and qualified) people is so much better than discussing any issue with tough (negative) people.

The next time you have a problem, look for someone you can talk to. Find someone who is positive, and trustworthy so you can be honest and open. And if they are smart, that is a bonus too!

My day ended with me hosting a dinner for the 10 people who report to me. I was able to thank them, and challenge them (what one thing do they want to be known for this year at work), and answer questions. (Ranging from why I wear an UP fitness band to what one thing do I think everyone should focus on if they want to grow professionally). It was a needed dinner – to allow us to reflect as a team, to give me a chance to tell them how proud I am of their accomplishments, and to laugh with a bunch of positive people.

So remember the power of people. And choose wisely.

A walk in the brisk air as the temperature is starting to rise and a train ride home. A good day.


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