Thursday Tech Talk – Pride

Thursday tech talk – a day of strategy, a day of reflection.

We had an offsite today where we launched our strategy framework to our group of 50 leaders. The discussion was terrific, the questions thoughtful, the break-out sessions lively.

Who knew the technology roadmaps, the test automation, the alignment to business goals would be the easy part of the conversation? The tough discussions were around a) meetings being booked during lunch hour as a matter of course are irritating and b) change is rolled out without the team understanding how to influence it or having context of the reasons for the change.

I was proud of the team and the openness of the discussion.

These two topics demonstrate once again that it’s how we treat people that matters so much. Expecting them to do hard work, to think, to drive the future is not a problem. As long as we remember to engage them and enable some personal time.

So simple. So basic. Don’t forget.


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