How did I get here? – Apr 27, 2014

chicago river

How did I get here?

I found myself sitting at dinner this week talking with a woman about parenting challenges and how to stay connected, involved, and happy in our relationships with our children while also enjoying the exciting careers we both have.

This dinner took place at the Chicago Cut Steakhouse on North Lasalle Street downtown just beside the Chicago River.  The woman I was talking to lives in Florida and I live in Toronto so how did I get here?

Going back in time a year…

I was on a business trip in Halifax and listening to several executives speak on stage about topics that were important to me.  My host for the event (Cam), set up a follow-up conversation for me with one of the speakers (Ellie) saying that he thought we would have a great discussion and find mutual value in the connection.  We met, and talked, and learned from each other.

We corresponded a bit through email and promised to stay in touch.  A year later, as I plan to attend an Innovation day, I find myself at a dinner the night before the session sitting beside Ellie.  We talk about technology, and areas we are both focusing on in our careers, and challenges managing large teams across many cities.  As dessert arrived – yes, we both found we had interest in dessert even after a lovely steak dinner – we talked about our travel and being away from family.

This led to a discussion about our children and what they are up to.  We found we both have a Big One (girl) and Little One (boy) two years apart.  We had a fabulous conversation, traded tips for disciplining kids who are mostly responsible, and laughed about the way boys call to say they will be late just after they are already late.

A delicious dinner.  A great conversation.  And all thanks to Cam for seeing a connection before it was made.

How did I get here?  Indeed.


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One Response to How did I get here? – Apr 27, 2014

  1. surprisebjg says:

    Love it when people are generous with networking and make the right connections. Just had a similar experience and was equally grateful — planning to pay it forward by connecting others. Spreading the love!

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