How did I get here? – May 04, 2014


How did I get here?

I found myself researching how to do a perfect push-up.  I have been training in martial arts for 7 years and we do push-ups in every class.  I still remember trying to decide if I would start training all those years ago, and the one thing that held me back for a few months was knowing I was unable to do push-ups.

I didn’t want to look bad in front of my classmates.  I didn’t want to feel bad inside.  I couldn’t do 10 push-ups in the first class, but I never gave up.  Every class I did as many as I could.  I rested when I needed.  I joined back in if possible.  Some days I felt like crying when we did several sets of them in one class.

In this month of May, my Chief Instructor declared it to be push-up challenge month.  We will do 1,000 push-ups this month.  Oh boy.

With that, I decided that I will get to a point of doing one beautiful push-up.

Remember that I used to not be able to do one in any fashion.  I am now able to do 150 push-ups in a class.  But I will be very clear – they don’t look good.  My arms are too far forward, my body lowers in a triangle instead of a plank, and my nose does not get anywhere near the floor.  When I start to get down, I realize there are many people who can’t do 150 push-ups as well as I can.

I was going to make the goal to do 10 perfect push-ups.  And then I had a moment of clarity.  It all starts with one.  One that looks great.  One that leads to the next one.  And one that makes me feel like it is possible.

I have made the decision.  And now, I have told people.

Don’t wish me luck.  Wish me strong arms, and shoulders, and personal resolve.

I am researching how to get better.  I am practicing.  Those 1,000 push-ups in May will certainly help.

How did I get here?  Indeed.


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7 Responses to How did I get here? – May 04, 2014

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  2. brinkling says:

    Wishing you strong arms! I have the same problem. It seems like no matter what exercises I do, I still can’t do even a single proper push up. Even on my knees I feel like I don’t go down as far as others. But I know I’m still getting stronger through other small tests, so hopefully one day….since you said don’t wish you luck, I’ll say it the Japanese way, 頑張って! (Do your best!)

  3. Deborah Prato says:

    I was in Tai Kwon Do for several years…until I broke my foot and blew out my knee. Regretfully had to let it go or risk re-injury. I remember such challenges! 100 sit-ups in one minute.
    Good for you! You are so right, 1000 starts with 1. Stay with it!

  4. Wow. Wishing you strong arms, shoulders and gritty determination!

    • Thanks worriedstudent. The arms are starting to show the results. I will not have the muscles of an 18-year-old boy, but they are starting to look good when I flex!

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