How did I get here? – June 08, 2014


How did I get here?

I am scheduled to test for my brown belt in July.  I have been practicing, both physically with all my moves and mentally for the stress of the test.  I have told people and committed myself and can even envision myself with that brown belt being tied around my waist.

Even the push-ups are going well.

The test in July was also a critical milestone in my journey for another reason.  Big One and Little One are testing for their black belts in August.  I am okay with them being ahead of me, and yet I felt competitive to get achieve my brown belt before they took theirs off and had the black belt placed on them.

I am now in a position of deciding to put off my test for one more month.  I found out my Grand Master, Chief Sebastien, is away in July on the date of the test.  I have trained with him for 7 years, and he has tested me for every belt along the way.  I could test with someone else, and achieve my brown belt, on the schedule I set.  I weighed the options:

1) Test in July.  Meet my goal on timing, and let Big One and Little One achieve their black belt before I achieve brown.

2) Test in August.  Miss the goal on timing, and have the brown belt tied around me by Chief.

I thought about it for several days.  I realized that option 1 would make me feel better for 30 days.  And option 2 would make me feel fantastic for life.  31+ days from the test in July it won’t matter what day I got the belt.  Each day after that, I will know that every belt I achieved has been earned in the eyes of Chief, and tied on by Chief.  When he looks at me, and blesses my belt, and ties it so tight I can hardly breathe, I’ll smile so wide it will make him smile.  And when he shakes my hand, we’ll both know we got here together.

How did I get here?  Indeed.



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