10 for Tuesday – Jun 10, 2014


Great instructors - Case and Pierre

Great instructors – Case and Pierre


kelley and the #porshe

10 great things today.

  1. gave a speech this morning and didn’t need my notes.
  2. arrived on time for the event, easier said than done.
  3. the weather – I don’t know how to describe the weather other than perfect for the outing, beautiful sun, hot enough to make you feel alive, not so hot to make people grumpy.
  4. the track.  the twisty, turning race track.
  5. the cars.  three fabulous Porsche’s to drive – Cayman, new Macan, and the delightful 911 T2S.
  6. the instructors – sweet, French Pierre who pushed me out of my comfort zone to ACCELERATE, and Case who then took me for a ride to show how it’s really done.  Whew!
  7. my copilot Pat, who drove fast enough to scare me when it was his turn, and watched my speed so I could keep eyes on the road.
  8. winning the award for “most fun driver” because I smiled the most from early morning through the whole day.  And the award was a street sign that says Porsche Street in German.
  9. reminding myself in a very tangible way that it is good to try new things, and have fun, be serious about what you are learning, and trust the experts.  After all, isn’t that what we want people to do when we are the experts?
  10. winding down over a thought-provoking, interesting, and tasty dinner with Pat and Cameron.  Some ideas are now triggered for new ways to change the world.

An exhilarating day that won’t be forgotten.




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