How Did I Get Here – June 29, 2014

How I get here?

I was driving Little One to his graduation and we were late.  The late part is not the surprise.  My calm demeanor is.  I remember so many family events where we were trying to get out the door and something went wrong, and we were scrambling, and emotions ran high and I ended up in a frazzled state.

This day I decided to do what I could to reduce the stress and also to watch my own mood when things did go wrong.  This is not a story about how organized we were, with everything going according to plan.  In our house, there is always a plan and there is reality.  If you are one of those moms that has a plan, and a family that follows it, my hat is off to you.

The day before when I asked if anyone needed something ironed, washed, or laid out and everyone said they had it covered I knew there was still risk.  That morning, when I asked the same thing…  Well, you see the picture.  So when Little One said “oh…um…yeah…I think my shirt might need ironed, I took it and ironed it without chastising him.

Little One decided to get in the shower 5 minutes before it was time to leave.  And he was not yet dressed 5 minutes after it was time to leave.  We were in the car driving to the ceremony and his friends were texting him to say that he was last to arrive and they had bets that it would have been someone else.  Little One asked if I was upset and I said “No, are you?”  And he said “No, they make us stand around for an hour before we start and what’s the point of that?”.  In that moment, I smiled and said “Yeah, I get it.  It’s funny to think that this is one of the last times I will be the one who has to organize you and get you to an important event.”  He said “Oh Mama, are you sad?”  And smiled at me.

Then I did give him that mom speech – this day is not only about you, it’s about our family and our values and how we all worked together to keep you focused and get you to this milestone.  So buddy, when you see me and I want to take your picture just smile and be nice.

And he did.  And I got the shot.  And the day was everything it could have been.

How did I get here?  Indeed.




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2 Responses to How Did I Get Here – June 29, 2014

  1. Huffygirl says:

    Congratulations – what a big day for your family.

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