How Did I Get Here? – July 13, 2014

graduation partythe kids


How did I get here?

We held a celebration party for Little One’s graduation, but this story is not about him or the graduation.  It’s about the feeling I have of being blessed.  I stood apart from the crowd of 80 people in my backyard and observed.

The flower arrangements the cousins all worked together to create for each centrepiece.

The floating candles in the pool(on green plastic plates) that were set up by the youngest cousin with my Husband helping to guide him.

The graduation cap desserts that were designed and put together by Little One with my Mother.

The moment my Father entertained all the 18-year-old boys telling tales about Little One when he was a tiny child, with just a bit of exaggeration!

The kids who have been in my house for years.  They are growing up, and still acting silly (‘stupid’) as most 18-year-old boys when they are together.  They are kind and respectful, and loud and messy.  Big shoes in my hallway, bad haircuts, and now they are all getting tall.

The parents we have known through school, and hockey, and soccer, and birthday parties.  We’ve shared stories about the antics of these kids, and hope about getting them through it all.

The neighbours who have known Little One since he was born, who came to visit when he first arrived home and every time he had stitches, who celebrated with us at major milestones, and sighed with us when he got his driver’s license, and later at the first accident.

And the family.  The kids’ nanny who taught them their colors, and had them over every year at Halloween.  Our siblings, the cousins, and our parents.  Rooting for us and celebrating with us when appropriate, and worrying when required.

And the family in my house – Little One, Big One, and my husband.  They helped with everything, every moment, every plan, every smile, and every tear that brought us to this day.

And everyone happy.  Words can’t describe the moment. The photos will help.

How did I get here?  Indeed.

graduation caps


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