How did I get here? – Jul 20, 2014

cracked heels

How did I get here?

As the day ends, I pull out the HeelTastic to pamper my sore feet.  I set some new daily goals this week-end.  (*) These goals include two things that felt in conflict when I started my day – reading and reaching my step goal of 7000 steps a day.  I decided to try walking and reading at the same time instead of picking one and wondering how to achieve the other.

I recently took a speed reading course and one of the tips from the course was to sit comfortably and remove distractions.  This walking and reading approach seemed to go against the tip so I planned to time my reading and see how it was impacted.

Well, let me tell you … I was able to achieve reading one page per minute while walking.  A bit slower than reading when not walking, but not as negative an impact as I expected.  And if I can enjoy reading, get in my step goal, and enjoy some sunshine as a bonus, I’d say that’s a pretty good week-end plan!

The only downside was walking in bare feet resulted in dry skin on my heels.

How did I get here?  Indeed.

(*)  I’m not certain, but my new acquaintance Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) might characterize these as a system, and not as goals.  🙂


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