Wordless Wednesday

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10 for Tuesday – Apr 22, 2014

10 great things today…

1. Flight was on time
2. A stroll down Michigan Ave, Magnificent Mile
3. Fruitful business conversations
4. Karate practice in the hotel gym
5. a cancelled meeting allowing time alone
6. Chicago deep dish pizza at Uno
7. A surprise chocolate taste test
8. A sweet call home
9. Discussion on parenting, and a few hearty laughs
10. The hour difference in timezone allows catch up on sleep

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How Did I Get Here? – Apr 13, 2014

belt2-brownHow did I get here?

I met with my martial arts instructor – Chief Daniels – on Friday.  The purpose of the meeting was two-fold.  I wanted him to know I was committed to everything it will take for me to achieve my brown belt.  And I also wanted to know he was personally committed to helping me get there.

I have been training for 7 years.  Last year, I had to take a break for 6 months due to my tropical illness, and I also take one week breaks a few times a year for business travel.  I was concerned that I felt stuck since I have not progressed in belts / stripes on my red belt for more than one year.  I have never approached Chief to discuss my progress before.  I have trusted that he knew what I needed to learn, and how hard to push me, and I have always felt I was learning.  This time felt different so I scheduled a formal meeting.

We met on Friday – scheduled for 30 minutes – and we spent 90 minutes talking.  It was terrific!  We talked about where I am.  We both made the commitment I was looking for.  And more importantly, we talked about philosophy of making goals and tracking goals and holding ourselves personally accountable.

He set a date for a test for my final stripe on my red belt, and a date for my brown belt test.  This is all dependent on my learning the final moves required and of course my ongoing training and focus.

I feel energized.  And nervous.  And excited.  I have a goal and I am committed.  Brown belt – here I come!

How did I get here?  Indeed.

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