10 for Tuesday – Jul 22, 2014

Tesla 60S

Tesla 60S

dinner by the lake

dinner by the lake

10 great things that happened today, here we go…

  1. spent time with Little One talking about “life”
  2. visited Communitech, an Innovation Hub, and felt inspired
  3. shared stories and thoughts about women in technology – learned a bit and taught a bit
  4. nice lunch on a patio with Little One
  5. sat in a new Tesla, didn’t test drive, but still…quite a cool car
  6. brown belt test card, September 20 it is  :-)
  7. dinner outside by the lake
  8. a beautiful view
  9. virtual reality experience with 3D glasses, felt like I was falling off a bridge!
  10. photography day and so many things to enjoy

Blessed life.

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How did I get here? – Jul 20, 2014

cracked heels

How did I get here?

As the day ends, I pull out the HeelTastic to pamper my sore feet.  I set some new daily goals this week-end.  (*) These goals include two things that felt in conflict when I started my day – reading and reaching my step goal of 7000 steps a day.  I decided to try walking and reading at the same time instead of picking one and wondering how to achieve the other.

I recently took a speed reading course and one of the tips from the course was to sit comfortably and remove distractions.  This walking and reading approach seemed to go against the tip so I planned to time my reading and see how it was impacted.

Well, let me tell you … I was able to achieve reading one page per minute while walking.  A bit slower than reading when not walking, but not as negative an impact as I expected.  And if I can enjoy reading, get in my step goal, and enjoy some sunshine as a bonus, I’d say that’s a pretty good week-end plan!

The only downside was walking in bare feet resulted in dry skin on my heels.

How did I get here?  Indeed.

(*)  I’m not certain, but my new acquaintance Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) might characterize these as a system, and not as goals.  :-)

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Wordless Wednesday – Little One’s Ninja Freedom

ninja motorcycle

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