How Did I Get Here? – Apr 13, 2014

belt2-brownHow did I get here?

I met with my martial arts instructor – Chief Daniels – on Friday.  The purpose of the meeting was two-fold.  I wanted him to know I was committed to everything it will take for me to achieve my brown belt.  And I also wanted to know he was personally committed to helping me get there.

I have been training for 7 years.  Last year, I had to take a break for 6 months due to my tropical illness, and I also take one week breaks a few times a year for business travel.  I was concerned that I felt stuck since I have not progressed in belts / stripes on my red belt for more than one year.  I have never approached Chief to discuss my progress before.  I have trusted that he knew what I needed to learn, and how hard to push me, and I have always felt I was learning.  This time felt different so I scheduled a formal meeting.

We met on Friday – scheduled for 30 minutes – and we spent 90 minutes talking.  It was terrific!  We talked about where I am.  We both made the commitment I was looking for.  And more importantly, we talked about philosophy of making goals and tracking goals and holding ourselves personally accountable.

He set a date for a test for my final stripe on my red belt, and a date for my brown belt test.  This is all dependent on my learning the final moves required and of course my ongoing training and focus.

I feel energized.  And nervous.  And excited.  I have a goal and I am committed.  Brown belt – here I come!

How did I get here?  Indeed.

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Thursday Tech Talk – Pride

Thursday tech talk – a day of strategy, a day of reflection.

We had an offsite today where we launched our strategy framework to our group of 50 leaders. The discussion was terrific, the questions thoughtful, the break-out sessions lively.

Who knew the technology roadmaps, the test automation, the alignment to business goals would be the easy part of the conversation? The tough discussions were around a) meetings being booked during lunch hour as a matter of course are irritating and b) change is rolled out without the team understanding how to influence it or having context of the reasons for the change.

I was proud of the team and the openness of the discussion.

These two topics demonstrate once again that it’s how we treat people that matters so much. Expecting them to do hard work, to think, to drive the future is not a problem. As long as we remember to engage them and enable some personal time.

So simple. So basic. Don’t forget.

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Wordless Wednesday – Hawaiian Sunset

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