A new adventure

I love blogging! So where have I been?

Life has been busy, and I had this idea for branching out with my blogging to do something with Big One.  She is now 22, and graduated with a computer science degree. In order to stay connected through more than just ‘mom phone calls’ and her visits home, I decided we could blog together.  (Remember when I convinced her we should join martial arts together against her wishes?)

Since she is not a Workingtechmom, we have launched our blog   girlgeeklikeme. Check it out and give us a shout out!

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Sunday letters – June 14, 2015, Air travel

Dear Air Canada,

I try to like you every time I fly with you.  You make it extremely difficult.

I got to the airport and breezed through check-in, immigration and security.  It is so unusual for this to occur at the Toronto Pearson airport that I found myself in a light mood with time on my hands.  I decided to go to the Air Canada Maple lounge.

I had entered the Lounge on a previous occasion and remember paying a nominal fee as my ticket and flyer status did not include lounge privileges.  Today I was informed you can’t pay for a day pass unless you do it when you book your flight.  I asked why and was told that when they let you pay at the entrance, ‘money went missing’.  I wouldn’t want to pay when I book my ticket because I never know if there will be any wait time after the immigration and security lines.

Hey, Air Canada, you could a) take credit cards, b) hire trustworthy employees, c) hire managers to manage the employees, or d) close down because you don’t know how to do business.  Even at the mall, they take your money at the register and they hire teenagers. Imagine if you couldn’t purchase something at a mall store, or a restaurant unless you ordered in advance?

As I said, I am trying to like you and I’m pissed enough to spend time blogging about this so other people know how irrational your business model is.  Imagine how the people who already don’t like you feel.

If you need help figuring out how to implement technology to help with the problem, let me know.  I have access to a few thousand developers who could work on it.

Waiting for my plane, sitting in a comfy seat, and being served by a waiter at Apropos…


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10 for Tuesday – Nov 4, 2014

10 great things today!

  1. Delicious fruit for breakfast
  2. caffeine free tea, 3 weeks without coffee
  3. my speech at the Town Hall went well
  4. all speeches, and the team activity also went well
  5. terrific conversation over lunch with team members about creating a hook for a tough speech next week that one of them will deliver
  6. discussions on Cloud deployments, difficult and necessary
  7. Little One called for some advice, and some ‘mom attention’
  8. My India travel visa was processed
  9. home early from work
  10. Hilarious episode of ‘Big Bang’, love that show
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